ATF and FBI alleged forging Firearms Licenses

A man identifying himself as Wesley Felix alleges that the ATF forged papers to use his FFL license in the fast and furious gun running scandal that exploded in 2012. If true, these reports could constitute huge criminal charges for federal employees involved at the time. The Fast and Furious program was an operation run by the ATF from 2006 through 2011. This program sold millions of FFL firearms to drug cartels. While the idea was to eventually identify and catch those purchasing firearms, the program rarely worked and guns continued to stay circulating. Nearly 170 murder scenes have been connected to weapons from the Fast and Furious program. Many of the arms dealt to cartels by the ATF were highly restricted. Weapons such as anti-aircraft guns and grenade launchers were sold to drug cartels without a second thought.

Border Drug Seizures Double

The U.S. Customs and Border Protection has recently made leaps and bounds in its drug seizure program. Between 2016 and 2017 the number of cocaine, heroine, and methamphetamine findings spiked even as the number of criminal aliens found in the US sharply fell. It has been widely theorized that the number of criminal aliens entering the US has sharply fallen due to mainly psychological factors within the US political system. With the rise of a wide anti-immigrant sentiment, the US is seen as a much harder place to work in. Whatever the reasons may be, a huge drop in interceptions has taken place. Criminal Aliens Encountered: 14,090 (2016) 8,554 (2017) NCIC Arrests: 8,129 (2016) 6,702 (2017) This sharp drop comes in hand with a spike in hard drug seizures. Cocaine, heroine, and methamphetamine findings have nearly doubled. Marijuana findings also increased by approximately 50% between 2017 and 2016. Cocaine: 29,420 (2016) 59,394 (2017) Ecstasy: 3,620 (2016) 2,482 (2017) Methamphetamine: 25,325 (2016) 41,441 (2017) Marijuana: 1,527,825 (2016) 6,702 (2017) Overall this spells out good progress from the CBP. With cartels ramping up and searching for new strategies, the agency has managed to keep criminals on their heels, forcing them to create new smuggling tactics.

State Department Leaks

On the 15th of July, an otherwise quiet day in for the news, a mysterious set of files was sent out to various news sites and imageboards. This file came with no warning or fanfare, only a message, a sort of public dare: Perhaps you know that the U.S. State Department has a direct bearing on the agenda formation not only at home but throughout the world. Now you can make sure it's true. Let me show you the correspondence between the Deputy Chief of Staff for Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance Agency Robert P. Otto and his colleagues, CIA officers and other intelligence agencies, as well as representatives of mainstream media, NGOs, international funds and think tanks. With the respect for privacy I've deleted his correspondence with his wife and relatives. The rest of emails will give evidence of who is responsible for different information campaigns, the so-called mythmaking and essentially engaged in the promotion of "American values" throughout the world. The leaks, first reported on by Zerohedge, contained classified email correspondence and private documents from the US State department (although only in association with Robert P. Otto). The huge scale of the leaks made them hard to search through alone, and quickly image board posters began to search through the new leaks as well. Almost immediately, posters began to notice a huge amount of emails concerned Nikita Belykh, a former Russian politician who was arrested in June of 2016 for taking bribes from foreign officials, in the upwards range of 400,000 Euros (almost half a million in USD). One poster theorized that “The guy is probably connected to Georgia[n] and Ukrain[ian] governments.” The US State department's interest makes sense if put into context with their support for the Ukrainian governments intelligence operations against Russia. Other posters noticed out of place requests placed by Anatoli Samochornov and Natalia Veselnitskaya to have access to Hermitage Capital meeting. One user wrote “Why did Veselnitskaya want to attend if she didn't speak English?” adding “Is Anatoli Samochornov the Russian fixer alleged to have attended the meeting with Donald [Trump] jnr?” After reading through the leaks, one posters wrote, “it seems they are mostly discussions between various neocon academics and forwarding of articles. Most of these people rather than experts seem to be groupthinkers endlessly building up the walls of their own echo chamber.” with another users adding “That deeply disturbs me. They don't seem to question their own agenda. They lack reflection on their own methods.” Although the authenticity of the leaks has not yet been fully verified, the sheer scale of the emails is not economically feasible within the set time frame, and with wide connections to other websites and events, it is widely thought that these emails are legitimate. Should you want to search these emails yourself, we have included instructions and links below: Archive: Part1:!tjYVzTgI!66bAnh0fTInWv8a6zh5ByzJJwtnW5w5cCq4QuDpoRkI Part2:!FvAjnSKT!aa5aE4vUjpphY-pndL3UkP-qUqFMyBA3iCNkcYziSWE Part3:!Vn5VyKoL!Qry1QqYv_K439QlsGagVjQON37PVqW_Ij4ie_ZeDthM Pass:b0b_0770-M@i1 Sample of PDFs PDFs Matching "Clinton" PDFs Matching "Trump" PDFs Matching "Veselnitskaya" PDFs Matching "Magnitskiy" PDFs Matching "Podesta" PDFs Matching "Lynch" PDFs Matching "Eric Holder"

Yvette Felarca arrested

Yvette Felarca, a prominent organizer and spokesman for the militant Trotskiest group By Any Means Necessary (BAMN), has been recently arrested on allegations relating to her repeated attacks on protesters during BAMN's many counter-demonstrations. Felarca and her group have come under fire recently after significant evidence was found implicating a cult like environment inside the group that prevented members from leaving. On top of this, they have also been accused by many of subversion after a government official was revealed to be a member of the group, and was implicated to having told police to be more lenient during their protests. Other, similar militant anti-fascist groups have made efforts to disassociate and disavow BAMN, accusing them of being plants or federal agents. In a counter demonstration against the Traditionalist Workers Party, Felarca made multiple attempts to incite a riot, and assaulted multiple members of the peaceful protest they were attempting to counter. After this incident, Felarca was put in front of a board to determine if her violent actions would result in a discharge from her job at Martin Luther King Jr. Middle School. During the board, it was also brought to light that Yvette had brought her middle school students to riots with her under the guise of extra credit, and had been explicitly warned not to do this in the past. Ultimately the meeting was brought to a halt after disruptions from BAMN. Although Felarca was the most prominent member of the protest, she is not the only one saught by authorities. Nearly 101 other warrants are currently being sought by the police, although most of the rioters wore masks to cover their faces, making difficult to identify any others. Should you or anyone else have information concerning the rioters or other members of BAMN, the Outpost Observer strongly encourages you to contact investigators.

GNAA vs Bumble

In a public statement released by the group on the 17th of July, the GNAA has revealed significant cause to evict popular dating app Bumble from their corporate headquarters. For the uninformed, Bumble is a spinnoff application from the popular speed-dating service Tinder. Unlike Tinder, Bumble seeks to put women in control of the relationship, making it a self described “feminist Tinder.” In Bumble women only are allowed to message first, ghosting (not responding to women after loosing interest) causes negative effects on accounts, and a quick ban of users that reject women or speak negatively overall. The app banned one man named Connor after talking about exploitative relationships he had previously experienced as well as another man who spoke negatively about obese women. After significant research and study, the GNAA discovered that Bumble's corporate headquarters is found at 311 Bowie St Unit 3107 Austin, TX; a residential apartment not zoned for corporate use. This was further confirmed after carefully comparing pictures from the Bowie apartment complex and Bumble promotional materials. Although the details of locations and zoning may seem insignificant, these have broad implications to the ethical and professional standards of Bumble as a company. Corporate and residential zones are taxed at different rates, meaning Bumble is committing tax fraud on top of violating clear regulation regarding the use of commercial spaces in residential apartment units. Bumble is also in direct violation of their Residential Lease with Bowie. The group also posted the following phone numbers and email addresses: Phone Numbers The Bowie: (512) 650-2626 Austin Planning & Zoning: (512)-978-4000 Texas Apartment Association: (512) 479-6252 Bumble Email Addresses: The trolling group said in a statement that they “stand against Bumble and all other dating services that would seek to undermine our mission in carving out a patriarchal state out of the heart of humanity,” while giving shout-outs to members including “Meepsheep, l0de, xamfp, mother, prozak, logancrat, Teridax.” Bumble has not yet commented on the issue of their zoning, although they have been informed about the violations. As of now the location of their headquarters has remained the same.

Media Matters Part 1: the Clickbait Cavalry

Have you ever noticed the sheer number of top ten lists online? Have you ever wondered how so many poorly sourced articles could ever get publish, or how many media companies with no journalistic integrity stay operating? There is a multi-million dollar industry behind clickbait and its constant barrage of "only 90's kids will remember" articles, however few people really understand how this hidden industry works. I got my first exposure to all of this through my somewhat limited time exploring SEO or Search Engine Optimization, the practice of leveraging search engine algorithms to twist search results in your favor. In the SEO world, people will buy and what are known as "SEO blogs," blogs with pre-written articles designed to attract in a small audience. The owners of these blogs will try and boost user-advertisement interaction. If done correctly, these types of websites can make metric fucktons of cash for there owner. These SEO blogs make up the basic model of clickbait websites: find a niche, maximize its profitability, repeat. Now although SEO blogs might make quite a bit of money, these little niche websites don't make up half of the profits that the large clickbait websites do. They don't even make close. Clickbait websites are generally run by either a large number of underpaid employees (like Buzzfeed) or by a large number of independent writers who get a portion of the profits from each ad interaction (like The Richest). In all cases, writers for the company are put under high pressure to put out a large volume of articles and are paid based on how many interactions they receive. It is a common misconception that advertisers pay companies by the number of views they receive. This is false. Companies are generally paid by the number clicks on each ad they receive. Most advertisers ban companies from encouraging people to click on ads, as this would hurt the tracking of the campaign. The only real way to boost interaction is to get more people viewing articles, and to do that you need to know there interest. For a long time, figuring out what people were reading about was hard and required a lot of trial and error work, until a god send to the industry occurred. Many people are familiar with Google, the "friendly" search engine. However, a long time ago, Google had a problem. A big problem. Being a search engine doesn't make money, however knowing what people are searching does. With thousands of people using Google accounts, it became trivial to track their personal interests. In 2011, Google released an expanded version of its analytics engine for its customers. With these new advances, clickbait companies were able to target the exact interests of their audience. Curious as to what these exactly look like? Take a look at the interest page of one of my websites. Google breaks down exactly what what viewers like in a nice little bar graph. No need to take time and effort in understanding your users, just add some html to your wordpress blog and flip the switch. Now this isn't the only way Google facilitates these types of activities. Another great tool commonly used by people producing clickbait is Google Trends. Google trends helps websites understand what people are interested, what they are viewing, and where they are from. Most clickbait websites choose trending topics that are somewhat low in rank (as to have little competition between high ranking websites) but high enough that people are viewing them. A view here and there can bring in an interested reader. These readers can be kept on the website and interacting with ads through the interests statistics that are (again) provided by Google, thus keeping the money flowing. However it isn't just clickbait that uses these types of tactics. The difference between big media companies and clickbait websites is the difference between high class call girls and cheap whores, one justs looks classier than the other. Websites like the Washington Post and the New York Times use the same type of techniques for different ends.

How to be a Professional Victim

Ever wanted money, power, and fame? Want to get it with minimal to no effort on your part? Don't worry, there are plenty of ways to get these things without making waves in your industry or becoming a superstar. Free money and attention is just a click away online. Follow this guide and you will have all three in no-time. Step 1: Become a protected class A protected class is a class in society generally considered a victim. Females and non-whites (excluding non-Japanese Asians) are the most basic two protected classes. If you happen to be black, a woman, or both you are in the clear for this step. White males need a little bit more of a push to reach this class. Try and become (or pass yourself off as) gay, bisexual, or transexual. Becoming a transexual is easily the best option. Due to so called "bathroom bills," the general part of society views you as a victim. Dressing in womens clothing is not hard, although some thought is required to pass yourself off as legitimate. Claim to have gotten inspiration from another famous transexual. Many religions, such as Judaism or Islam can grant you the protected class status. Unfortunately, Judaism is rather hard to convert to correctly, therefor Islam may be a better option. As a Muslim the media will turn a blind eye to your scam, and try to find a white male "right wing terrorist" to blame instead. The main drawback is that Islam takes some devotion, though not as much as it may sound. Step 2: Get targeted There are many ways to get targeted online. The first way is to find a "vile" imageboard or forum, and attempt to convince them to dox and attack you. This could be difficult, a poor understanding of the culture could end up with responses such as "lurk moar faggot" or "not your personal army." Be persistent, never give up. If you cannot get targeted through traditional means, you could always fake harassment on yourself. Ship packages containing knives and death threats to your own home, call your phone via google voice with harassing messages, and send yourself fake messages via twitter. Do not worry if someone points out that none of this is actually occurring, accuse them of "victim-blaming" instead. Step 3: Contact the media Now you need to sell your story to the media. Contact every major left wing media outlet with your "harrowing" story about your "harassment" that you only received for "being yourself." Leave out the nasty details of bringing it on yourself. Find anyone who can publish your story, even small media outlets. Bigger media outlets sometimes lift stories from local companies, be ready to work your way up. Make sure to add some type of inspiring twist to your list of events. Step 4: Profit Now that your name is out, you should consider profiting from your new-found fame. Exploit people's sorrow by opening up a paetron for you hobby. This can help you receive an extra cash-flow for things such as figurines or video-games. People don't particularly care what you do with their paetron money as long as you haven't promised a specific purpose. Need to validate your point of view? Wallow in your fans. There are always white knights willing to care for you following your twitter or tumblr. Don't be afraid to use them as a crying rag, a political vehicle, or even as your own personal army. If you decide to use your white-knights, be sure to cry out in pain as you attack as to keep the image of a victim. Want to run for local office, or even give a speech in front of the UN? Mobilize your whiteknights. Have them attack anything in your way as sexist, racist, or xenophobic. As an added bonus, when you have achieved your goal, talk about how "all odds were against you" or "how oppressed you were by [insert majority group here]." Always double down on your detractors from a position of power, and just remember, you "earned" this.

Black Lives Don't Matter

Lets face it, black lives don't matter. A lot of people ask me, what side of the debate am I on in the black lives matter movement. Do I support blue lives matter? Do I support the “struggle” of the black man? Neither. I simply believe that black lives don't matter in the slightest. I went to school in the hood. I remember how things worked there. Drugs. Big families with single mothers. Graffiti. I remember it all. I can teach you how to make krink out of ink pens and rubbing alcohol in the dark. Just as well as I remember all of these things, I remember the bogus ideas that founded the black lives matters movement. White “privilege” doesn't exist. It simply doesn't. Of course the first thing that will pop into the average leftists head is “Of course someone with white privilege would say something like that, you are just blind to your privilege.” I have the privilege of being viewed in society as the creator of all worldly problems. My people have the privilege of being told that things are just “too white,” and need to be “culturally enriched.” My people have the privilege of being told that we whitewash all of history and that we never built anything ourselves. My people have the privilege of being told that the blacks built America. I hate to tell you, but not everything is built of cotton. Lets get one thing straight, we Europeans built this country. You can make what ever argument you wish about “we weren't here first,” but it doesn't change the fact that we built its infrastructure, its culture, its economy, we built it with our bare hands. If we have any privilege, its the privilege of having a real culture. The “black lives matter” movement is under the impression that blacks built America. That they explored it all. That it all belongs to them. In reality, they aren't building anything, they are destroying it all. I remember watching black lives matter trash downtown Chicago on live stream. It was sickening for me, because only a week earlier I had walked down the streets that they were tearing up. Ironically, for a group protesting for peace, they are quick to ignore their own short-comings. If all blacks were to be removed from Chicago this very moment, both their murder and robbery rate would drop by 90 percent with rape dropping shortly behind at 81 percent. This isn't just a problem in Chicago. It may be the most prominent their, but it is causing trouble nation-wide. In fact blacks commit crime at a rate that is six times higher than any other race. With all of their talk about police racism, they happen to be 27 time more likely to attack a white than visa versa. The “police racism” that they are “fighting” doesn't exist. Police killings of blacks make up so little of black homicides, that it comes in at less than a single percent. Is a measly 0.6% of deaths worth looting a city? Face it, black lives don't matter.

Charles Wade, BLM leader, Charged with Sex Trafficking

Charles Wade, prominent leader of Black Lives Matter and co-founder of Operation Help, has been arrested after a deep cover Law Enforcement officer caught him acting as a pimp to a seventeen year old girl. In an interview, the man claimed that "Someone that we had just started temporarily housing was involved in activities in the temporary housing we obtained for them outside of my knowledge that caused me to be arrested after they were as the person who booked, signed for, provided ID for, and paid for the room," however text between the undercover law enforcement officer and Wade have proven otherwise. The victim stated that he was fully aware of her minor status, with Wade adding that "you only have 5 months left until you’re 18 so I’m not worried."  The minor status of the victim would significantly increase the jail time that he would face. Wade was first identified as engaging in this activity after he posted an advertizement to stating "Holla at me. Quick stay specials tonight and tomorrow. Independent. Fun and sexy. Text me to set up an appointment???????"  This post was quickly noted by the police. Charles Wade's unknown cash influx has been the source of great speculation, especially after multiple actions that would have cost him significant amounts of money.  This may only be a piece in a greater scheme to generate cash. Other articles:

Control Context Not Content

Context not content. This is the essence of mass persuasion. Those who seek to simply broadcast a message will be thwarted by those who control the ideas of the people. Allow me to explain. Let us say we have a man. This man is from a far away land, and in this far away land they speak an entirely different language, and have an entirely different culture. No words, nor customs are the same. He has learned our language, and he has come here to visit. In this man's language, the word “cat” means what firearm would mean to us. Now let us say I walk up to this foreigner, and I ask him “Would you like to see my cat?” The first thought that would go through his mind is that of the definition of “cat” to him; a gun. He might be a bit intimidated or confused depending on the type of person he was, and he would certainly not understand why we would want to show him a cat. Now let us say, we show him a cat. Eventually this man gets used to cats being cute little furry animals, not firearms. The day he returns home, and is asked if he would like to see a cat, he would have the opposite idea of a cat. Warm fluffy things would pop into his mind, not cold iron and brass. What has influenced our foreign man here, from thinking a cat is a firearm to the other way around is definition. We define the word cat as a fluffy four legged animal that is generally solitary and hunts rats. He defined it as an object for self defense made up of a receiver, a barrel, and brass. This difference in context caused him to react negatively to the content. The people we hope to persuade to nationalism are all just like that foreign man. Nationalism is a harsh word to them, while a comforting word to us. For us it means a stable, peaceful, yet forceful society that is not afraid to take action. For them it means a intolerable, wretched, and authoritarian society with no free will. To convince them that nationalism is a legitimate way of life, we must first shift the definition. The best way to do this is to reduce the current symbols of nationalism to a joke. Swastikas, fasces, Celtic crosses, and other symbols of Nationalism need to toyed with in a joking, accepting way. Should they be accepted as the edgy things they are? Yes. They need to be viewed as something that is used to troll, trigger, and what not. What is accepted is eventually celebrated, we need to keep this in mind. Lets take a look at two different people. They both see the same sign, which bears a swastika and a message. The first person hates swastikas and does not view them as a joke. He will immediately report the sign, and his own views (which will most likely be against the view of the sign) will be strengthened, not weakened. The second man, however, has been exposed to the swastika as a form of a joke. He might think of it under a pet name such as “le windmill of friendship and tolerance” or “the swagstica”, but he certainly does not view it to badly. He will most likely take a moment to read the message, and may even be receptive to it. To make people used to the extreme nature of ourselves, we need two fronts. One front should be on places where these symbols are the most sensitive online. Tumblr, Reddit, and even websites like Facebook or Twitter need to be blanketed in far right memes. The people here need to be as triggered and disgusted as possible. After a while, the extreme reaction will wear off; the symbol has lost it's original (and flawed) meaning. If they see a swastika or a set of fasces, they just think “oh it is this again.” The next front is in the real world. People need to put signs with these same type messages bearing these same symbols up in as many places as possible. These signs need to have meaning and content. Only those who have already been exposed to the extremes will actually read it, thus the sign's target audience has been pulled in and possibly persuade. To increase effectiveness, places where people would commonly browser online need to be desensitized, triggered, and what not. If I am at a college campus, I would first find out what websites the students commonly used; Reddit, Tumblr, and Facebook for example. I would then target these websites (or maybe even the parts of the websites most commonly viewed by my target audience) in raids. These raids would be controlled efforts to desensitize the viewers to the message. After a few successful attempts, I would post signs around the campus. Control the content of what your target audience thinks, and you will achieve nothing. Control the context, and you will control the reception of the content.

The Kariba dam is about to collapse

New article submitted by: Boris Hudiakove The Kariba dam, between Zimbabwe and Zambia, is about to collapse. For the last 50 years, the dams foundation has been slowly eroding away due to neglect from the both of the countries governments even though there have been many warnings before 2015 about the dangerous state of the dam. The major issue being, that the dam provides 40% of the hydroelectric electricity for both of the countries at hand and is protecting some 3.5 million people in hundreds of settlements along the river and Kariba lake banks, who will be destroyed by flooding if the dam fails. Such a disaster will have not only impacts on the dams host nations but also on other nations down stream such as Mozambique, where it is predicted that the water streaming from dam will engulf much of Mozambique, Cahora, and the Bassa Dam wall; possibly causing a dangerous chain reaction of sorts. A local farmer, Shalate Macchave, was equally terrified. “The thought of losing life to water is scary. I beg the countries involved to act fast,” she said. “We really understand the urgency in which the work should start. Such work will commence soon, hopefully in January 2016,” Munodawafa said in a telephone interview from Zambia . “Whenever we hear the news about this looming disaster, we lose sleep,” a distressed Maria Anjate, a villager in Tete, Mozambique, said.

Rotherham Sex Grooming Rings

A recent pattern of aggressive child sexual predation rings have begun to ramp up activity in the United Kingdom. Even with many of these group actively grooming children for sexual services to be sold to others; many local police forces have decided to stay silent about information that could help save lives. With reports going back as far a 2012 in many news sources, many might ask themselves why large abuse rings have not gained international attention. Source: The Telegraph Source: The Telegraph The first warning signs began in the spring of 2012. On May ninth, reports broke out that eight men had been jailed in the United Kingdom. Their charges included rape, child exploitation, conspiracy, and sexual assault. The acting defense of the defendants used an interesting tactic in the court room. He has objected from the start for being tried by an all white jury and subsequent events have confirmed his fears. He does not take back any of the comments he has made to your honour, to the jury, or to anyone else in the court during the course of the trial. He believes his convictions have nothing to do with justice but result from the faith and the race of the defendants. He further believes that society failed the girls in this case before the girls even met them and now that failure is being blamed on a weak minority group. ~ Simon Nichol, defending This set an interesting standard for future cases. Although this tactic proved futile, it set a startling standard. It allowed the people who had run the sexual grooming ring to claim victimized by stating that they felt as if they were being racially marginalized. Of course this was not the case, but this argument has certainly stopped many from speaking on it. In fact, the original whistle-blower who exposed this crime was sent to "diversity training" for simply stating that most of the rapists in the case were Asian. In fact, according to the Daily Mail, the UK police force withheld a document describing many cases and the connections between them due to the fact that they could be considered racist. The police report described a general trend in many sexual conditioning rings, describing many of the people operating the rings were described as "Asian." To make matters worse, the police, fearing exposure, went as far as arresting the parents of the children who were sexually molested, threatening to take their children away from them in a fleeting attempt to silence them. Many believe that these child exploitation rings to have risen to prominence in areas with heavy amounts of immigrants. We decided to compare general hotspots of immigration and hotspots of sexual predation (pictured below). Immigration centers compared to Pedophile Rings As you can see from the two maps of the United Kingdom, these population centers do in fact correlate, but only after overlaying these two maps can one truly understand how close together they are related. Maps showing population centers and crime rings. Maps showing population centers and crime rings. After seeing this strange connection, we decided to go farther than this. We found graphs of immigration centers and general crime rates to find further connection. The result was very interesting. The fact that these incidents have been deemed "racist", and swept under the rug is incredibly scary. With thousands of innocent young girls being molested by crime rings, the fact that there has been so little coverage on this topic is startling. We found as few as thirty five articles that talked about the information covered here.