The Pay Gap and other Tall Tales

Feminism has traditionally been a positive position held by both men and women in order to advance equal rights between the genders. However, in the past 20 years, the feminist position has taken a dark turn. Like the previous waves of feminism, largely occurring in the twentieth century, this new wave seeks to forward the liberties, opportunities, and power women can hold. This is fine. However, this new wave is markedly misandrist in stark contrast to the movements prior to it, which were advocating for equal rights. They hope to not only rise to the level of men, who are merely equals with women in the eyes of Nature, but surpass them in terms of power and control. These women, hereby referred to generically as "Feminists," push their boundaries higher with every passing year and push men further beneath them and society at large.

There are many examples of the ways they do this, and they all intertwine and highlight the differences between the sexes. One instance, the gender pay gap, is commonly discussed but often misunderstood. It is well-documented that there is, at face value, an average (median) difference between the average income of individual men and women. These feminists point at this difference and scream that it must change without looking at how we actually get to that number. The way we reach this difference is simple. For any statistics referenced here, I cite the 2017 Labor Force Statistics from the website of the U.S. Department of Labor. It is also of note that the U.S. labor force is split 50/50 between men and women.

We live in a free society here in the United States and in most of the first world. Men, women, and even some children of all creeds and backgrounds can plant their own flag and live their life according to their own values, interests, and needs. Men and women simply value different things and take on different jobs based on those values and their personal interests. For instance, consider Construction. 9.1% of the construction industry is composed of women, meaning 90.9% of that industry is male. Remember, we live in a free part of the world where both genders are given equal opportunities for employment. Is 9.1% of the Construction industry being female a sign that we need more women building high-rises? No. It is simply a sign that there are significantly more men interested in this career path than women. On the other extreme of the spectrum, 83.8% of the Social Assistance industry is female while only 16.2% of it is male. This does not mean we need more men in this industry; it means men are significantly less interested in Social Assistance. There are also higher-paying industries which mostly employ women; 76% of hospital employees are female. On the other hand, 58.3% of the Management industry is male.

In all of these industries, we can see that some of the stereotypical traits of each gender are present. Construction and Management, the male-dominated industries, can be seen to exemplify male traits, such as higher assertiveness, more refined spacial abilities, and overall better math skills. Healthcare and Social Assistance, the female-dominated industries, can be seen to exemplify female traits, such as lingual skills, emotional awareness, and higher agreeableness. These traits, among others, do not necessarily make one sex better than the other. They are simply differences, originating biologically, and it is important to recognize these differences if we are to achieve true equality between the two genders. Granted, there are definitely some women out there who outclass men in their own mental fields, and the same goes for some men. But to say that these generalizations cannot apply because these outliers exist is simply fallacious.

Just like employment by industry, the original issue of the pay gap is fallacious as well. I will not list every industry and their average salary and their employment by gender; this data set is vast, and this document is no textbook. However, it is known that, generally, women are indeed paid less. This is only true because women take jobs that pay less to begin with. Think back to the industries from before: Construction, Management, Healthcare, and Social Assistance. At least 55% of social assistants, such as daycare employees, individual and family services, or vocational rehab councilors, are female. These jobs typically have a low pay grade, as do educational jobs, which also employ at least 60% women overall. Male-dominated jobs and industries, such as Construction, Management, Public Administration, or Information all have at least 60% male employment. These industries, as previously stated, generally take more male traits to perform, whereas the female-oriented industries described above typically are more suited to female traits. However, it is easy to find that the male-dominated industries pay more on average. This is not because men are performing the job; it is simply because the job is considered more difficult or more elite. As a matter of fact, in many positions in these industries, there are women who are paid more than their male counterparts, if only because of the myth of the pay gap. Feminists describe a glass ceiling preventing them from climbing higher in life. The only glass ceiling I see is the one they built on their own.

The pay gap is simply one of many issues being created by postmodernist feminism. These feminists are no longer champions of women's rights, but an enemy of men's rights. Think of the way more authentic feminists acted in the 20th century, or how they act in the third world today. Those feminists are champions of women's suffrage, their right to equal pay, and overall equal opportunity. Today's feminists have all of those things and simply seek to take rights from men to meet their own selfish, hedonistic ends.

For instance, in 2014, California State University adopted Executive Order 1095. This implemented the Campus SAVE act, Title IX, etc. on all CSU campuses (hundreds of thousands of students). Part of this order involves the implementation of training and prevention programs for all incoming students and on at least some campuses, all students, every year. This program, in the form of a sort of online class called Haven, includes a pre-program quiz. The questions, and the correct answers, go against how human sexuality typically functions and serves to confuse and brainwash the men who take the test. It throws nonverbal communication out the window when it comes to its questions and answers, and the sorts of answers they expect men to choose as the "correct" answer leave me fearful of even attempting to seduce a woman of my own age. For instance, one question expects the male participant to walk away and explicitly ask a woman if they have permission to do each thing in a sexual encounter, regardless of body language and nonverbal communication. I am not saying consent is not important, it is. However, there is a large consensus that this sort of awkward, up-front sort of pseudo-seduction is not sexy or engaging for the men and women involved. There are some token quotes from the exam that, on their own merits, can potentially convey the point I am trying to make:

"Sexual Harassment also includes acts of verbal, non-verbal, or physical aggression, intimidation, or hostility based on gender or sex stereotyping, even if those acts do not involve conduct of a sexual nature."

On consensual sex, "[Some women] don't even realize that what happened to them is a crime."

Men are expected to say things such as, "All right if I kiss you there? Can I touch you here? What would you like to do?" during a sexual encounter with a partner.

Additionally, on CSU campuses, jokes about gender are now sexual harrassment. Haven and programs like it occur at universities across the U.S, including Indiana University. One young man I know on that campus is required to take a similar course in-person as part of his dormitory's requirements. He, a man whom I'd characterize as representative of the average young scholar in many respects, has complained to me about it and I have nothing but sympathy for him.

On the other hand, there are many young men who merrily go along with the whole feminist train of thought. These men buy into the things feminists feed them, and I interact with them on a daily if not hourly basis. My industry (which will go undisclosed) is very receptive to this sort of polite, more effeminate man, but I digress. There are two simple reasons why these men choose to go along with the feminist ideology. Firstly, people who don't fit into traditional gender roles, such as transsexuals, LGBT persons, radical feminists, and these "beta" males who are brainwashed by feminism, all could be said to seek the elimination of gender as a social construct. This is so they are, at the very least, no longer viewed poorly. Beta males in particular are not masculine, so they want masculinity to cease existence. If there is no standard, then they are no longer inferior. Secondly, since they buy into feminist ideology, they may be led to believe that women are mostly asexual princesses who can be won over with kindness (I can say with experience that I have only ever met one woman who actually meets that description, and it was awful and unfulfilling). By aligning with feminism, they try to present the image of a heroic, compassionate ally. This, of course, leads to their stereotypical behaviors: Hanging out with women exclusively too much, being eerily too available to the women in their lives, watching excess pornography, and never taking initiative when it comes to initiating relationships or anything really.

Along with their own nature (which cannot be helped), these men become the way they are because feminism destroyed their boyhood, and the same goes for girls too. Childhood is a crucial stage for people in their development. Their personalities begin to develop, they form attachments to people and things, and they learn to express themselves in various ways. Both genders also learn to manifest their aggression. Boys' aggression is supposed to be primarily physical whereas girls' aggression is mostly social. At this point, the boy's development is undermined. When he becomes physically aggressive, his behavior is labeled as bad and is always punished. How many times have you heard the saying "Never hit a girl, even if they hit you first," or "You should always be nice to girls?" Probably more times than you care to count. This form of programming usually lasts for 18 years. Granted, men throughout history have typically not been cruel to their lovers on purpose either.

This feminist intervention is detrimental to the male brain. These men withdraw socially, lose their sense of self-worth and self-image, their masculine traits are replaced with feminine ones, and worst of all, even they are now, in the 21st century, being taught misandry in some schools. Of course, feminist intervention has also crippled traditionally male activities despite there being perfectly viable alternatives for girls. Case in point: The Boy Scouts of America. In 2017, the organization's membership became open to girls. The Girl Scouts of America, on the other hand, has refused to become open to boys (not that we would want them there anyway).

Of course, what sort of woman really wants a man like that, with those problems and behaviors? None! No woman is mentally wired to want a partner like that. If the trend continues, not only will the majority of society's men be unhappy, but the women will be too. They will push for more feminism, which will make more men into betas, and the cycle will continue to extinction. It is almost hilarious. Proponents of feminist ideology, through the methods previously discussed, manage to raise young men who women do not want. These men are politically correct, polite, chivalrous, and the proponents of feminism pervade society and the education system. Not only do they destroy men, but they manage to, through the same systems, create women who hate themselves as well. In this country, there is currently a female depressive epidemic. One in four middle-aged women is taking anti-depressants. A quarter of our society's women have to be pumped with drugs just to be happy.

Think about that.

The information is very hard to swallow, and for many it is impossible to believe. However, when you see the things the new feminists have done to undermine men – the lack of masculine role models for our children, the demonizing of male sexuality, and the constant criticism of male behavior, you can begin to see the effects of feminism across your life, and it is downright scary.

Have you ever asked yourself why there are so few male teachers or role models in modern media? Why aren't men allowed around children on planes, parks, and most other public places? Why are men socially humiliated when they stand up for themselves especially if their attackers are women? Why is it that, even when the father is more economically and mentally stable, the wife always takes custody of their children after a divorce in addition to a monthly check from the father? We live in a society that has become anti-male and pro-woman, when it should be pro-everybody.

Others may look at you after you tell them about these things and reassure you that society is not inherently misandrist in 2018, but I implore you to do your own research on the subject. All of the signs of these things have been present your entire life, and it is a wonder that most men do not notice them. Take a look behind the red curtain and see the actors for what they really are! Rise up out of your seat, and see the stage collapsing before your very eyes! And I implore you, learn to get angry.

Posted on: 2018-01-27 18:48:37