Net Neutrality is a Fraud

Net Neutrality is a fraud. Many people claim that we must rush to support it in congress after its death. These people are foolish frauds who buy into opinions pushed by quasi-monopolies like Comcast and Time Warner. The battle over Net Neutrality is a staged piece of journalistic garbage, with a single group parroting all sides. A so called "neutral" internet ensures that no small companies can compete with titans of the industry.

To become an Internet Service Provider (ISP), a new company has to get a Title II operating license. The filing fee is $800 alone. The paperwork involved takes two weeks of a lawyers time. At the pay of the average lawyer the labor involved costs approximately $4544 (assuming a 40 hour work week). That is a total of $5344, an enormous upfront cost. Making things worse, this sum must be paid every year.

Now imagine that number added to the cost to build and maintain infrastructure. Getting good upfront loans for this is an insurmountable task, and because most new ISP's run at a deficit for a number of years, this loan has to last and extremely long amount of time.

Making things worse, there exists a surprise cost in all of this. Due to the legal nightmare that Net Neutrality has created, skilled lawyers need to be available on a moments notice for the company. Compressive understanding of the laws surrounding Title II is very rare. The more uncommon something is, the more it costs. A startup ISP can't afford messing up, or it could cut a deeper hole into already low (if not nonexistent) profits.

We need these small companies up and running to help serve the population. In regions that don't provide guaranteed returns, companies like Comcast refuse to provide service. This problem is so big, that nearly 40% of Detroit doesn't have internet access. With the bar to become a Title II set so high, the idea of small companies filling in the gap is the punchline to a cruel joke.

With this so called "Net Neutrality" gone, the vital 3.5Ghz band is now open to small companies that wish to dabble in the cellar market. The rest of the licensed bands were sold off long ago, with most licenses being consolidated into a few hands. T-Mobile alone owns nearly 50% of the frequency spectrum. With Net Neutrality in place, this is an absolutely impossible market for small companies to break into.

The truth is, Net Neutrality is a sham. The very idea that these companies would be able to somehow regulate speech is a fraud. As of Marsh v. Alabama, the supreme court has ruled that "private entities do not have the right to ban speech on their property if they happen to own a monopoly on the means by which speech can take place." An ISP caught violating this would most likely find itself in huge legal trouble.

Its time to take out this piece of garbage regulation, and open up the market to competition.

Posted on: 2018-01-03 17:33:38