Border Drug Seizures Double

The U.S. Customs and Border Protection has recently made leaps and bounds in its drug seizure program. Between 2016 and 2017 the number of cocaine, heroine, and methamphetamine findings spiked even as the number of criminal aliens found in the US sharply fell. It has been widely theorized that the number of criminal aliens entering the US has sharply fallen due to mainly psychological factors within the US political system. With the rise of a wide anti-immigrant sentiment, the US is seen as a much harder place to work in. Whatever the reasons may be, a huge drop in interceptions has taken place.

Criminal Aliens Encountered:

14,090 (2016)
8,554 (2017)

NCIC Arrests:

8,129 (2016)
6,702 (2017)

This sharp drop comes in hand with a spike in hard drug seizures. Cocaine, heroine, and methamphetamine findings have nearly doubled. Marijuana findings also increased by approximately 50% between 2017 and 2016.


29,420 (2016)
59,394 (2017)


3,620 (2016)
2,482 (2017)


25,325 (2016)
41,441 (2017)


1,527,825 (2016)
6,702 (2017)

Overall this spells out good progress from the CBP. With cartels ramping up and searching for new strategies, the agency has managed to keep criminals on their heels, forcing them to create new smuggling tactics.

Posted on: 2017-07-22 09:59:19