State Department Leaks

On the 15th of July, an otherwise quiet day in for the news, a mysterious set of files was sent out to various news sites and imageboards. This file came with no warning or fanfare, only a message, a sort of public dare:

Perhaps you know that the U.S. State Department has a direct bearing on the agenda formation not only at home but throughout the world.

Now you can make sure it's true. Let me show you the correspondence between the Deputy Chief of Staff for Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance Agency Robert P. Otto and his colleagues, CIA officers and other intelligence agencies, as well as representatives of mainstream media, NGOs, international funds and think tanks.

With the respect for privacy I've deleted his correspondence with his wife and relatives. The rest of emails will give evidence of who is responsible for different information campaigns, the so-called mythmaking and essentially engaged in the promotion of "American values" throughout the world.

The leaks, first reported on by Zerohedge, contained classified email correspondence and private documents from the US State department (although only in association with Robert P. Otto). The huge scale of the leaks made them hard to search through alone, and quickly image board posters began to search through the new leaks as well.

Almost immediately, posters began to notice a huge amount of emails concerned Nikita Belykh, a former Russian politician who was arrested in June of 2016 for taking bribes from foreign officials, in the upwards range of 400,000 Euros (almost half a million in USD). One poster theorized that "The guy is probably connected to Georgia[n] and Ukrain[ian] governments." The US State department's interest makes sense if put into context with their support for the Ukrainian governments intelligence operations against Russia.

Other posters noticed out of place requests placed by Anatoli Samochornov and Natalia Veselnitskaya to have access to Hermitage Capital meeting. One user wrote "Why did Veselnitskaya want to attend if she didn't speak English?" adding "Is Anatoli Samochornov the Russian fixer alleged to have attended the meeting with Donald [Trump] jnr?"

After reading through the leaks, one posters wrote, "it seems they are mostly discussions between various neocon academics and forwarding of articles. Most of these people rather than experts seem to be groupthinkers endlessly building up the walls of their own echo chamber." with another users adding "That deeply disturbs me. They don't seem to question their own agenda. They lack reflection on their own methods."

Although the authenticity of the leaks has not yet been fully verified, the sheer scale of the emails is not economically feasible within the set time frame, and with wide connections to other websites and events, it is widely thought that these emails are legitimate. Should you want to search these emails yourself, we have included instructions and links below:






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Posted on: 2017-07-21 10:45:10