GNAA vs Bumble

In a public statement released by the group on the 17th of July, the GNAA has revealed significant cause to evict popular dating app Bumble from their corporate headquarters.

For the uninformed, Bumble is a spinnoff application from the popular speed-dating service Tinder. Unlike Tinder, Bumble seeks to put women in control of the relationship, making it a self described "feminist Tinder." In Bumble women only are allowed to message first, ghosting (not responding to women after loosing interest) causes negative effects on accounts, and a quick ban of users that reject women or speak negatively overall. The app banned one man named Connor after talking about exploitative relationships he had previously experienced as well as another man who spoke negatively about obese women.

After significant research and study, the GNAA discovered that Bumble's corporate headquarters is found at 311 Bowie St Unit 3107 Austin, TX; a residential apartment not zoned for corporate use. This was further confirmed after carefully comparing pictures from the Bowie apartment complex and Bumble promotional materials.

Although the details of locations and zoning may seem insignificant, these have broad implications to the ethical and professional standards of Bumble as a company. Corporate and residential zones are taxed at different rates, meaning Bumble is committing tax fraud on top of violating clear regulation regarding the use of commercial spaces in residential apartment units. Bumble is also in direct violation of their Residential Lease with Bowie.

The group also posted the following phone numbers and email addresses:

Phone Numbers

  • The Bowie: (512) 650-2626
  • Austin Planning & Zoning: (512)-978-4000
  • Texas Apartment Association: (512) 479-6252

Bumble Email Addresses:


The trolling group said in a statement that they "stand against Bumble and all other dating services that would seek to undermine our mission in carving out a patriarchal state out of the heart of humanity," while giving shout-outs to members including "Meepsheep, l0de, xamfp, mother, prozak, logancrat, Teridax."

Bumble has not yet commented on the issue of their zoning, although they have been informed about the violations. As of now the location of their headquarters has remained the same.

Posted on: 2017-07-21 20:22:40