A Mental Disorder is a Mental Disorder

Do you feel like you are always fat despite being 90 lbs? Well then you have Anorexia-Dysphoria. That means that you are a slender-man born in a humans body. To treat this we need to have you fast for a few months as well as be infected with tape worms and have a few centimeters of bone cut off your hips along with a few ribs removed.

Feel depressed or suicidal? Then you are trans-mortal, just a ghost living in a living persons body. The treatment? One dose of lead to the back of the throat!

Now obviously these are ridiculous statements, and you should think that. You should also react the same way when someone tells you that they want to replace all of their hormones in their body with ones that they are not designed for, or even go as far as mutilating their genitals (both have been shown to cause an increase in both statistical suicides and general suicidal thoughts which is information for another article), when they show the slightest inclination for acting like the other sex. Gay guys act like girls more than most girls do, that does not make them any more girls than that makes tom boys boys.

Gender Dysphoria is listed as a mental disorder in the DSM-V. Which for those of you who never take psychology 101, the DSM-V is the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders that is put together by the psychological community.

For all mental disorders and even illnesses I know, they all treat them one way. By prescribing medication and psychological therapy to help pull themselves away from their brain for a second and help them realize that their inclinations are all in their head. The Anorexia Nervosa patient is treated with anti-psychotics to help them realize that they are really are not fat and that the thought is just all in their head. Depression and suicide is usually treated by antidepressants, gee what a shocker!

Yet when we deal with people who have the strong feeling that they are the other gender or sex, our response is to try and change their body into being what its not. I mean these people know full well that its someone who feels like they are in the wrong body. This isn't Freaky Friday where you switched brains with your mom and now you have to go about your lives living in someone elses shoes; It's a mental disorder and should be treated as such. Because as we all know, a mental disorder is a mental disorder.

Posted on: 2017-07-21 17:49:46