Black Lives Don't Matter

Lets face it, black lives don't matter.

A lot of people ask me, what side of the debate am I on in the black lives matter movement. Do I support blue lives matter? Do I support the "struggle" of the black man? Neither. I simply believe that black lives don't matter in the slightest.

I went to school in the hood. I remember how things worked there. Drugs. Big families with single mothers. Graffiti. I remember it all. I can teach you how to make krink out of ink pens and rubbing alcohol in the dark. Just as well as I remember all of these things, I remember the bogus ideas that founded the black lives matters movement.

White "privilege" doesn't exist. It simply doesn't. Of course the first thing that will pop into the average leftists head is "Of course someone with white privilege would say something like that, you are just blind to your privilege." I have the privilege of being viewed in society as the creator of all worldly problems. My people have the privilege of being told that things are just "too white," and need to be "culturally enriched." My people have the privilege of being told that we whitewash all of history and that we never built anything ourselves. My people have the privilege of being told that the blacks built America. I hate to tell you, but not everything is built of cotton.

Lets get one thing straight, we Europeans built this country. You can make what ever argument you wish about "we weren't here first," but it doesn't change the fact that we built its infrastructure, its culture, its economy, we built it with our bare hands. If we have any privilege, its the privilege of having a real culture.

The "black lives matter" movement is under the impression that blacks built America. That they explored it all. That it all belongs to them. In reality, they aren't building anything, they are destroying it all.

I remember watching black lives matter trash downtown Chicago on live stream. It was sickening for me, because only a week earlier I had walked down the streets that they were tearing up. Ironically, for a group protesting for peace, they are quick to ignore their own short-comings. If all blacks were to be removed from Chicago this very moment, both their murder and robbery rate would drop by 90 percent with rape dropping shortly behind at 81 percent.

This isn't just a problem in Chicago. It may be the most prominent their, but it is causing trouble nation-wide. In fact blacks commit crime at a rate that is six times higher than any other race. With all of their talk about police racism, they happen to be 27 time more likely to attack a white than visa versa.

The "police racism" that they are "fighting" doesn't exist. Police killings of blacks make up so little of black homicides, that it comes in at less than a single percent. Is a measly 0.6% of deaths worth looting a city?

Face it, black lives don't matter.

Posted on: 2017-07-21 18:27:25