Why I Don't Support Gay Rights
Once upon a time, I was a usual liberal with stereotypical liberal views.  I agreed with the talk-show hosts and the news, I preached the benefits of Gay rights, and criticized those who disagreed.  Things are different now.  Very different. I became truly disgusted by the LGBT community through overexposure to it.  Repeating "their love is just like your love" get harder with every "poz pig" and "pup lover."  Calling them normal gets more difficult with every new meth smoker and ABDL.  I will never say those words again, and by the time you have seen these same things, you will not either. Meth in the LGBT community Meth is highly prevalent in the LGBT community.  Many people would be surprised to know that it is so common that it is actively posted about on many websites with significant amounts of gay users.  There are hundreds of examples of this online. Many would try to understate this problem, and state that this is a small selection of bad users.  I have some news for those people, there are a lot of people that talk online about this.  If you would like to see it yourself you can take a trip to common websites such as twitter or tumblr. "Poz chasing" Yet another disgusting yet common concept in the Gay community is "poz chasing."  Poz chasing is when HIV negative men intentionally get "pozed" (or catch HIV).  The idea is that because they already know that they are HIV positive, they do not need to worry about the status of their partner.  However this is fetishized to a scarey extreme. Being "poz" is so prevalent in the community that there are even magazines written for and advertized exclusively to HIV positive gays.  HIV positive acceptance is common, and considered normal.  Check out the evidence yourself. "Pup" play Not involving real dogs, pup play refers to the act of one "sub" playing as a dog, while the other plays as a human and commands the dog around, usually telling him to do sexual acts.  Pup play is usually included in BDSM, but it is large enough that I would consider the act its own thing. ABDL Although not exclusively gay, this fetish has an extremely large gay following, which is generally paired with some sort of incest/incest roleplay.  Adult Baby Diaper Lovers are a group of people who attempt to re-live their childhood years by wearing diapers.  They will soil said diapers, with much more than urine.   If you think for one moment that this is decent human behavior, I would highly encourage you to think again.  Many would attempt to defend these actions by saying something like "this does not affect you, two consenting adults should be allowed to do these things."  Some of these actions, such as Meth use and "Poz" chasing are actually illegal. People who actively support this type of behavior need a reality check.  Is this the society you would like to create? Posted on: 2017-07-17 02:35:49