Quantifying Propaganda

There is a problem with all types of propaganda. Being Nationalists, and having to work in the realm of logic, we need some way to quantify the results of a specific type of poster, sticker, or what not. How many people look at it, how many people follow up on it, and how many people are swayed by it; these are all questions we need to be asking ourselves. Unfortunately, these are very hard questions to answer when one is so far removed from an audience. However, there is a solution.

The first question is, how many people will see our sticker/sign/whatnot? Figuring out the size of an audience is not actually difficult when dealing with traditional paper signs. Simply camp out an area that you plan to hang some propaganda in for about an hour or more. Count how many people you see go through the area. Do this three or four times throughout different times of the day. Get the average. This is a good estimate of how many people are in our audience.

For example, let us say I staked out sidewalk A. I recorded that there were 76 people that walked through from 1:00 PM to 2:00 PM, 43 people from 10:00 AM to 11:00 AM, and 72 people from 7:00 PM to 8:00 PM. That gives me an average of about 63 people viewing the sign per hour, with a variance of about ten people. This would be a good place to hang something. Although many people may ignore it, the more people are around the greater chance that someone will pay attention.

Now we need to know how many people are actually following up on the propaganda, looking at links, and so forth. To solve this, I have been using a custom link shortener. I will actually end up releasing it on subvert.pw soon, it isn't exactly ready for widespread use yet, but I will explain why I am using this to tell how many people are interacting with the content.

When a person views my link and gets redirected to the page I want, I will nab a hash of their ip address (hashes only, I take privacy seriously) and their useragent. The number of views are then stored in a database as well as information about what device they are using to view it, where they are doing it from, ect.

Lets return to our example, sidewalk A. Lets say I am getting about two views on my shortened link per hour. This means that about 3% of my viewers are interacting with my content (2/63 is about 0.0317), which means I could probably be doing more to make my propaganda flashy.

The moment of truth, however, is in retention rates. How do I know if people are coming back to my website? Just as with the link shortener, I have a somewhat shady solution (I did say IP hashes damn it). I have imbeded a small image that will note if the hash-useragent pair that it is looking at now was redirected here from a poster.

Are any of the systems here flawless? Not even close, but they are a step in the correct direction. In this new, digital age we need to adapt to the times and create new tactics to understand and persuade people to our cause.

Posted on: 2017-07-17 02:34:36