Everywhere Yet Nowhere

There is one tactic that I think many Nationalists no longer employ, but is very useful. At one point in time, there were many people who used it, but it has been left behind. The truth is we need it back.

The one power that hold are enemies at least arms length away from ourselves is fear. Nationalist systems in general have a stigma around them that cause a lot of fear, and this stigma has kept us somewhat safe from intrusion. Why not use this fear in our favor?

The very concept of infiltration would send shivers down the spine of any group. Whether said infiltration is real or not is irrelevant, what is relevant is the simply the idea that anyone inside the group could secretly be a Fascist. It is not hard to make a group believe this, a simple set of faked screen-shots would be enough to raise concern.

Now lets take it a step further. Why simply create a stigma of hidden Fascists in a single group, when you can propagate the idea that anyone could secretly be a Fascist, and advise people to turn against each other if suspected? This is a powerful yet underutilized concept that has a wide range of uses.

This is what I mean when I say we must be everywhere yet nowhere. People must believe that everyone could be a Fascist until proven otherwise, that we are lurking in the shadows in mass numbers. This idea also has enormous recruitment opportunities.

When a sensible person is thrown into a world where everyone is encouraged to report possible Fascists, they will automatically question themselves, “Why am I doing this?” A push in the correct direction is all it takes to get someone to lurk on a popular nationalist website, and maybe eventual persuasion.

There are problems with being everywhere yet nowhere, but the main question is, “How?” The answer is simple, we can let the media do the heavy lifting for us. This doesn't exactly make sense, but allow me to explain.

Let us say there is a man named Bob. Bob owns a local newspaper called the Smalltown Herald. One day, the Smalltown Herald picks up a report from a local university that someone has been placing anti-Semitic messages, swastikas, and other “hate” symbols all around campus. Will Bob pass up this opportunity to print a sensational story? Of course not, this is nearly front page material.

To make ourselves truly everywhere, we need people to create news stories for the media to report on. We can roughly predict what the news will print about an action that we take, why not use it to our advantage. It should be the objective of every Nationalist organization to keep themselves in the news constantly.

The second trick is to stay invisible in the news. Let us say I run a small Nationalist group. If I pull a publicity stunt to get into the news, I do not want my organization to go under the microscope. To make sure I do not receive damage from the reports I have created, I will make a fake Fascist organization to take the hits for me. Chances are little to no people will attempt to join such a public organization, and in the case that people do try a careful screening process can me made.

Signs are not the only place to start. Flash protests are excellent if planned correctly. All it requires is about 4-8 people gathered in a set location at a set time. They need to be able to pull Nationalist signs and propaganda out of seemingly thin air. People engaging in flash protests need to remember that they must also conceal their identity; fear is hatred of the unknown.

Fear is a powerful thing. Use it correctly, and a world of options can be opened.

Posted on: 2017-07-17 02:34:12