Why Gods of Egypt was doomed to fail, and why it still deserves Praise
Opinion piece submitted by: Anonymous     Life isn't Easy for an Eternal Shitlord like Gerard Butler. In a microcosm of film filled with Liberal degeneration, Race-mixing and subtle propaganda, his heart still sings out in a glorious tone - Although certainly still hindered by the shackles of Hollywood. The story kicks you off in a bland, brown, farmer's Egypt, introducing you to the bland love couple that are torn apart and serve as the base story to the movie. you see all the token multi-ethnic celebrity gods, introducing you to Horus, the protagonist of the main arc.  The main arc to the story is what I'll be focusing on as it's the only part which holds any value - the brownie love couple and all the quirks that come with those characters are just plain boring. Almost all of Egypt is sitting happily in a dome, Jerking each other off over how amazing life in a mud hut is while they give all their gold away to the gods, before Gerard Butler (playing the God, Set, the antagonist) shows up with his Roman Warrior Death Squads, kills the king, blinds Horus, Declares rule and forces the gods to bow to him. But is is not necessarily Set's actions that create an appeal to Fascism, as his actions are often exaggerations of character for the sake of filling the role necessary to them to make him unjust. It is his character, Butler created a Villain that is almost as alluring and righteous as The Dark Knight's "Joker", and managed to feed fire to a semblance that perhaps the people would actually be better underneath his rule, and he's on a Megaman-like quest to fuck up useless gods and collect their powers. To add to this factor - He is a well-played personality amongst a sea of Hero-complex garbage, race-mixing propaganda, token "Blax r the smartist" writing, and more.  This creates an odd paradigm within the movie - the story is garbage - Female audiences reject it because men are at the center of it and There is no white woman for them to project onto - a Manipulative Arab sits atop the throne instead, and the love couple is so mind-numbing and spread out that it's a non-factor. All that is left is the CGI violence and Setman's quest to get all his armor upgrades. It makes for roughly 20-30 minutes of decent entertainment for the average person, but I have to give a Salute to what could've been. Posted on: 2017-07-17 02:32:17