The Kariba dam is about to collapse
New article submitted by: Boris Hudiakove   The Kariba dam, between Zimbabwe and Zambia, is about to collapse. For the last 50 years, the dams foundation has been slowly eroding away due to neglect from the both of the countries governments even though there have been many warnings before 2015 about the dangerous state of the dam. The major issue being, that the dam provides 40% of the hydroelectric electricity for both of the countries at hand and is protecting some 3.5 million people in hundreds of settlements along the river and Kariba lake banks, who will be destroyed by flooding if the dam fails. Such a disaster will have not only impacts on the dams host nations but also on other nations down stream such as Mozambique, where it is predicted that the water streaming from dam will engulf much of Mozambique, Cahora, and the Bassa Dam wall; possibly causing a dangerous chain reaction of sorts. A local farmer, Shalate Macchave, was equally terrified. “The thought of losing life to water is scary. I beg the countries involved to act fast,” she said. “We really understand the urgency in which the work should start. Such work will commence soon, hopefully in January 2016,” Munodawafa said in a telephone interview from Zambia . “Whenever we hear the news about this looming disaster, we lose sleep,” a distressed Maria Anjate, a villager in Tete, Mozambique, said. Posted on: 2017-07-17 02:31:22